BISTROTEA CEYLON GREEN TEA originates from Sanquar estate in the Kandy district, one of the oldest tea plantations in Sri Lanka. The tea fields on Sanquar are old enough to produce some of the best green teas on the island.

In 1999 part of this estate was converted into organic cultivation and all chemical and synthetic fertilizer applications were suspended obtaining the estate the organic status for FCAL International in 2001. Currently the estate is comprised of 60% organic cultivation. By having strict measures Sanquar is able to produce some of the cleanest tea in the country.

Available in the following flavors (packaging):

  • Lemon Grass in T-Tube 25’s and T-Box 16’s
  • Peppermint in T-Tube 25’s
  • Ginger in T-Tube 25’s

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